Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday: Super Bowl XLV Live Reactions

DJBC Sports Corner is here with Live Reactions to Super Bowl XLV as it happens, as one of the last football posts of the 2010-11 season here. It has been a bumpy ride, which will continue throughout the offseason and team owners and players negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement, which expires on March 4.

Super Bowl XLV- from Arlington, Texas
Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4; AFC Champions)
Green Bay Packers (13-6; NFC Champions)
6:29PM Kickoff Time; Fox; Joe Buck (play-by-play) and Troy Aikman (color commentary); Pam Oliver & Chris Myers (sideline reports)

(ALL Times are EASTERN)
6:05PM- Focus Rally America pre-game show; 25 minutes away from kickoff...there will be commercials galore tonight, so get ready!

6:08PM- The Pittsburgh Steelers come out of the locker room and are heading to the field.

6:09PM- "...representing all the equalities..."- what a piece of bull. Sam Elliott (yup, that guy) is introducing the Steelers in a video montage clip

6:10PM- The Pittsburgh Steelers come out to the field

6:11PM- The Packers are about to come out to the field; Sam's back again with another video montage clip

6:13PM- The Green Bay Packers come out to the field

6:14PM- "They are the number six seed in the NFC, but they don't play like it."- Joe Buck

6:14PM- Christina Aguilera coming up with the National Anthem

6:19PM- Madieu Williams (safety, Minnesota Vikings) wins the Walter Payton Humanitarian of the Year Award

6:20PM- Lea Michele (Glee) is singing "America the Beautiful"

6:22PM- The National Anthem (Sung by Christina Aguilera)

6:24PM- After the commercial break- the Coin Toss

6:28PM- Michael Douglas with the intro to Super Bowl XLV (with clips of every single American milestone- good or bad, since the beginning of the 20th Century)

6:29PM- "Title Town" vs. "Steel Town"- the coin toss: Les Richter and Ed Sabol, 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductees: Chris Hanburger, Richard Dent, Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, and Deion Sanders, and referee Walt Anderson; Helmet with Lombardi Trophy (head), Stadium (tails), Pittsburgh is visiting team; Deion Sanders tosses coin; Pittsburgh chooses tails; Packers win toss and defer to the second half

6:31PM- It's tiiiiiiiiiime!! Kickoff

6:34PM- SHOWTIME!; Antonio Brown (# 84, Pittsburgh- rookie) returns the kickoff 37 yards to the Steelers 36-yard line.

6:36PM- Steelers go three-and-out on their first possession

6:38PM- The Packers muff the punt, but recover at their own 21-yard line

6:40PM- Steelers showed a blitz on 3rd-and-9 as Aaron Rodgers (# 12) throws a 24-yard strike to Donald Driver (# 80); the Steelers' James Farrior (# 51) jumped offsides

6:42PM- Packers are forced to punt as Aaron Rodgers throws a strike that goes in and out of the hands of receiver Jordy Nelson (# 87)

6:43PM- Packers Tim Masthay (# 8, Packers) punts the ball into the end zone; 11:05 left to go in the first quarter; No Score

6:43PM- first commercial: Bud Light (before/after makeover at home); second commercial: Doritos (guy attempting to feed his girlfriend's pug who runs over door); third commercial: Audi A8 (snooty rich people locked up, a heist escape, and Kenny G music)

6:45PM- We're baaaack! Steelers have the ball again at their own 20 yard line and Rashard Mendenhall (# 34) runs for 15 yards on 1st and 10.

6:47PM- Mendenhall runs for 9 yards this time to the Steelers' 44 yard line.

6:49PM- On 3rd and 2, tight end Heath Miller (# 83) can't seem to grab the deep ball

6:49PM- Touchback again; 8:17 left in 1st quarter, still no score

6:50PM- frst commercial: Doritos (two guys in a break room, dude snatches guys pants and sniffs them); second commercial: Chevy commercial (people in senior citizen home); 3rd commercial: Pepsi Max (guy on park bench, ending seemed racist)

6:51PM- Packers have it on their own 20 yard line.

6:53PM- 3rd and Inches from Packers 29 yd line after a pass to Jordy Nelson, who is pushed back after forward progress; James Starks (# 44) runs to the side for 7 yards

6:54PM- Rodgers hooks up to Nelson for 9 more yards on 1st & 10 from Packers 36.

6:56PM- Commercial 1: Bud Light (directing a movie); Commercial 2: Ford Silverado HD (kid down a well; guy stuck in cave); Commercial 3: Fast and Furious sequel

6:59PM- Rodgers finds fullback Jameson (# 32) for a 14-yard gain into Pittsburgh territory; first time that either team has landed on other team's side of the field.

7:00PM- Aaron Rodgers finds Jordy Nelson for a 29-yard touchdown pass on 3rd and short, and Nelson was covered by Steelers safety William Gay (# 22). What a catch!!

7:01PM- 9 play, 80-yard drive. Extra point by Mason Crosby (# 2) makes it 7-0 Green Bay with 3:44 left in 1st quarter

7:02PM- 1st commercial: Pepsi Max (two guys chillin' in the sun); 2nd commercial: Doritos (guy chompin' on Doritos, cleans up house; 3rd commercial: Elantra (compact cars); 4th commercial: Fringe promo; 5th commercial: NFL Draft promo

7:03PM- Packers kick the ball off to the steelers; Antonio Brown runs to the 44-yard line; however, there is an Illegal Block in the Back Penalty on Ryan Mundy (# 29), which puts the Steelers at their own 7.

7:04PM- Commercial # 1: Promo fo movie with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig (Cowboys vs. Aliens), Commercial # 2: Car commercial again, this time- a car being abducted to sea to some spaceship and sucked out of some wormhole to the Aztec empire (Optima); Commercial # 3: Raising Hope (Future Bryan Award winner) promo

7:06PM- Back again; "Lido Shuffle" (clips of the Packers' dynasty), let's Lido Shuffle back to seeing Big Ben getting thumped by BJ Raji, Charles Woodson, and crew. Nick Collins (# 36) picks off Big Ben (# 7) and lido shuffles it 37 yards for a--; there are flags on the play, but for excessive celebration; 37-yard interception return with 3:20 left makes it 13-0 Packers

7:08PM- Extra point makes it 14-0 Packers with 3:20 left; 1st Commercial: Claymation with Eminem (sprite? iced tea?)

7:09PM- Nick Collins' celebrating makes the packers kick from their own 15 yard-line; Mewelde Moore (# 21) returns the kickoff to the Steelers 35-yard line; Packers D (# 24 in NFL in interceptions)

7:11PM- Rashard Mendenhall manages to bust loose for a first down; Packers have 108 yards to Pittsburgh's 42.

7:12PM- Pittsburgh likes to shoot themselves in the foot, as an illegal block in the back forces them back 10 yards

7:15PM- Ben Roethlisberger on 3rd and 9, runs away for a 1st down inside the Packers 35 yard line, on an 18 yard run; end of 1st Quarter; Packers lead 14-0

7:16PM- 1st Commercial: Bridgestone commercial (guy frantic after sending mass e-mails); 2nd Commercial: Chevy (some electric volt); 3rd Commercial: Go Daddy--> the new Go Daddy dot Co girl (Joan Rivers); 4th commercial: "This is OUR HOUSE"/House Promo; 5th Commercial: McDonalds (marching band performing/20 Chicken McNuggets)

7:18PM- Start of 2nd Quarter; Packers lead 14-0; Pittsburgh has it at Packers 32-yard line; Mendenhall goes backward, courtesy of 1997 Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson (# 21, Packers; GO BLUE!)

7:19PM- Tramon Williams (# 38, Green Bay) breaks up a pass intended for rookie receiver Emanuel Sanders (# 88, Pittsburgh)

7:20PM- Sanders picks up 14 yards on 3rd and 12.

7:22PM- Woodson and Collins tackles receiver Mike Wallace (# 17) just short of the first down

7:23PM- Shaun Suisham (# 6, Pittsburgh) kicks a 33-yard field goal with 11:08 left before the half; 14-3 Packers

7:23PM- 1st Commercial: Budweiser (gunslinger wanting some Budweiser and then singing "Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza"); 2nd Commercial: guy enlisting Faith Hill for some help on a Valentine's Day note (Teleflora); 3rd Commercial: Promo for another summer movie (Transformers III: Michael Bay needs to stop while he's ahead)

7:25PM- Vinnie Barbarino and Richie Cunningham/Opie Taylor are both in the house for the Super Bowl; Suisham kicks off the ball; Pat Lee (# 22) returns the kickoff to the 25 yard line

7:26PM- 1st Commercial (BMW commercial- X3, designed/built in America); 2nd Commercial: guy on a subway reading 1984 on iPad, guy using iPad (Motorola Zoom); 3rd Commercial: people covered up in song "Ch-Ch-Changes" (BMW Advanced Diesel), I meant smog

7:28PM- 11:01 left before the Bridgestone Halftime Show; Packers at their own 25 yard line on 1st and 10.

7:31PM- Packers go three and out and Tim Masthay punts 48 yards; 1st commercial: Dragon spitting fire and out comes...(Coca Cola); 2nd commercial: Promo for the new Thor movie coming out in May (what is up with recrating all these Comic books?); 3rd Commercial: Li'l Darth Vader and his Volkswagen (Volkswagen)

7:33PM- Joe Buck brings up Big Ben's shady last offseason; Steelers get it at their own 22-yard line with 9:28 left in 2nd quarter

7:35PM- That's what the broadcast booth looks like? What CGI graphics do they use? Anyway, back to the field; Mewelde Moore busts down for a first down.

7:37PM- Big Ben slings it to Antwan Randle-El (# 82) for 14 yards and another Steelers first down to the Packers 47-yard line.

7:39PM- Steelers take first timeout; more commercials- 1st one: Richard Lewis doesn't want to cut trees, and then he eats a Snickers and then runs Roseanne down with a log (Snickers); 2nd commercial; a man can't get out of his car (Career Builder); 3rd commercial: Another summer movie (Super 8); 4th Commercial: Stay tuned for Bridgestone Halftime Tire Show

7:42PM- Artwork shown around Cowboys stadium (courtesy of Jerry and Jean Jones); Back to the game: Big Ben throws it in traffic and Jared Bush (# 24, Packers) comes up with the interception, fighting off Mike Wallace

7:42PM- 1st and 10 at Packers 47 with 4:28 left before Halftime

7:44PM- Rookie James Starks runs down to the Pittsburgh 21

7:45PM- Rodgers slings it to Greg Jennings (# 85) in traffic for a 21-yard touchdown with 2:24 left; 20-3 Packers

7:45PM- Extra point by Crosby makes it 21-3 Packers with 2:24 left before halftime

7:47PM- It looks like the Packers are going to put this one away, and I will be going to bed happy tonight, Pack have led by at least 11 points in all three postseason games so far this year

7:48PM- 1st and 10 for the Steelers with 2:18 left before halftime and a 29.8 passer rating right now, 1st and 10 at the Steelers 23 yard line. Big Ben throws it high to Antwan Randle-El for 37 yards to the Packers 40 yard line to the Two-Minute Warning.

7:49PM- Two Minute Warning Commercial Break--> 1st Commercial: guy driving car and talking to GPS (Chevy with Facebook status); 2nd Commercial: Another movie trailer, this time (Captain America), [Sidebar] the last time I saw Captain America, he was riding the # 11 Bryden Road bus, en route to West Virginia; 3rd Commercial: NFL play- Castrol Edge Strongest Drive (2nd Round: Steelers > Ravens); 4th Commercial: "Kid in a Candy Store", "Mermaid in a Swim Meet"... (CarMax); 5th Commercial: Glee promo (for the episode airing right after this game)

7:52PM- 1st & 10 Steelers at the Green Bay 40 yard line; Packers call another timeout after Woodson gets hurt after Big Ben's failed attempt for the juggernaut TD pass; AJ Hawk almost had a pick as Big Ben's pass is batted down by the former Ohio State Buckeye linebacker who made long hair a statement at the Horseshoe

7:54PM- Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward catches a pass in traffic at the 25-yard line on 3rd and 10. Timeout: Steelers

7:56PM- at the Packers 26, Roethlisberger finds Ward for an 18-yard completion and it's 1st and Goal for the Steelers, and on the next play the twosome finish off the drive on an 8-yard pass to the back of the end zone as the Steelers exploit the Packers secondary (Woodson & Sam Shields- # 37 are being looked at in the locker room)

7:57PM- Extra Point by Suisham makes it 21-10 Packers with 39 seconds left

7:59PM- End of the First Half; Green Bay Packers 21, Pittsburgh Steelers 10; Super Bowl Halftime Show (Bridgestone) coming up; Roadies GET ready

8:00PM- Commercial Break; 1st Commercial: American Idol promo; 2nd commercial: Chase quick deposit (Chase); 3rd commercial: a bored chicken sandwich (Wendy's); 4th commercial: (Value City)- Queen's "I Want It All"; 5th Commercial: (Ford F-Series); 6th Commercial: (Giant Eagle- grocery chain in Ohio and Pennsylvania); 7th Commercial: Local Sponsor Tag

8:03PM- PepsiMAX Halftime Show with the NFL on Fox Crew; Packers have had double-digit leads in EVERY SINGLE playoff game they've played this season, including tonight; behind the Fox crew; the roadies, backup singers, and Black Eyed Peas are all frantically getting ready for their seven/eight minutes of fame

8:07PM- Tom Brady was the Unanimous NFL MVP winner (with ALL 50 votes)

8:08PM- 1st Commercial: Daytona 500 promo; 2nd Commercial: Menards (local store chain); 3rd commercial: another Daytona 500 promo; 4th commercial: Chatter with an animated Will.I.Am

8:09PM- Welcome to the Bridgestone Tire Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show with the Black Eyed Peas landing down on the stage in their 31st Century Costumes. First song- "Gotta Feeling"; I wish I had 3-D glasses...or even those Neon ones; 2nd song- "Boom Boom Pow"; the fans are louder than the band; 3rd Song- a surprise visit by Slash from Guns 'N' Roses, as Fergie sings "Sweet Child of Mine"...not a Black Eyed Peas song, but yeah...; skipping the 4th song, because I don't know what it is, but it infuses the theme song from "Pulp Fiction"; I think this is the finale, "Let's Get It Started", which is the song I think that started the Black Eyed Peas; nope, this one is..."OMG", with Usher ushering himself to the stage (The Black Eyed Peas, or at least Will.I.Am did this one with Usher); nope, this one definitely is- "Where Is the Love", the Peas duet they did with Justin Timberlake; nope this one is, because I'm...Having...a....GOOD...TIME, YEAH! I love this song- "Dirty Bit", infusing the 1987-88 Academy Award winner for Best Original Song; and then back to "I Gotta Feeling", because "I Gotta Feeling" that tonight's still going to be a good night for the Green Bay Packers

8:21PM- Halftime Show's Over, more Commercials...1st One- Chatter again with their animations; 2nd commercial: Animation Domination promo; 3rd commercial: Glee promo for the episode airing after this game; 4th commercial: TSX Sports Wagon from Acura; 5th Commercial: guy diving into the sea (Arby's- a fast food chain); 6th commercial: wasn't paying attention- a car commercial; 7th Commercial: "Look Back" from Time Warner Cable; 8th commercial: promo from local Fox affiliate; 9th Commercial: "The Daily", an interactive newspaper headed to an iPad near you

8:25PM- The second half is about to start; No team has ever won a Super Bowl by trailing 10+ points at halftime; Green Bay Packers lead the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10

8:26PM- Troy Aikman & Joe Buck in their CGI-background broadcast booth; I wish there was room in our college football stadium's broadcast booth for that

8:27PM- Commercial Break; 1st one: NFL Network promo (taking the NFL Network with you on your computer/iPhone); 2nd one: House promo; 3rd one: promo for Car Warriors (new reality show on the Speed Network- yup, the Speed Network); 4th one: a ferris wheel wreaks havoc in this Daytona 500 promo

8:28PM- a clip from "Lombardi" infused with highlights from the first half; "Lombardi" stars Dan Lauria (the dad from The Wonder Years) as the legendary Packers coach

8:30PM- Second Half is about to begin; Packers deferred the opening toss, and will start the second half with the football. Suisham (# 6, Steelers) kicks the ball into the end zone, where Jordy Nelson (# 87) takes a knee in the end zone; Injury Update- Charles Woodson has a collar bone injury and is out for the rest of the game; Sam Shields and Donald Driver will return

8:31PM- Packers start the second half at their own 20-yard line.

8:32PM- Another Injury Update: Pittsburgh's Emanuel Sanders is also out for the remainder of the game.

8:33PM- Penalties on this drive are killing the Packers- a hold on Donald Lee (# 86) and a false start, and the Packers go three and out, after James Jones (# 89, Packers) drops a potential long pass, possibly for a touchdown

8:35PM- a three-yard return on a 33-yard Tim Masthay punt by Antonio Brown (# 84, Steelers) becomes 18 as tight end Tom Crabtree (# 83, Packers) grabs Brown's facemask with 12:39 left in the 3rd.

8:36PM- first commercial:; 2nd one: E-Trade (talking baby getting measured by tailor); 3rd: Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber in Best Buy commercial; 4th: promo for "The Chicago Code" (Fox's new crime drama); 5th: American Idol promo

8:38PM- 1st and 10 from Midfield after Crabtree's facemask; Rashard Mendenhall runs for 17 yards, and into a camera guy

8:40PM- 3rd and Inches after Big Ben runs for it on 2nd and 7; Isaac Redman runs for 16 yards to the Green Bay 7-yard line

8:42PM- Rashard Mendenhall runs in for an 8-yard touchdown run after a collision with a camera operator; 21-16 Packers with 10:19 left in 3rd quarter; 21-17 after the extra point

8:43PM- Commercial Break time again; Up 1st- a promo for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film (seriously, I thought that they were done); 2nd- "Cram It in the Boot" (Mini Countryman little car); 3rd- Home

8:44PM- Can the Packers answer back?

8:45PM- Jordy Nelson returns the kickoff to the Packers 19-yard line (10 pts- largest deficit to win Super Bowl: Super Bowls XXII & XLIV- lower 3rd graphic)

8:47PM- Rodgers 13/19, 157 yds, 2 TD; Nelson 5 rec/73 yds/TD; meanwhile- the Steelers are getting rabid on defense

8:48PM- Rodgers is sacked by # 92 (James Harrison- Mr. Sack/Aggressive Football Happy) on 3rd and 10; Antonio Brown is stuffed on a 47-yard punt

8:49PM- more commercials--> 1st- This one's making me dizzy (Hyundai Elantra); 2nd- Timothy Hutton and Tibet and; 3rd- another Coke comercial (two soldiers trucing over a Coke)

8:51PM- Nine minutes exactly left in the 3rd quarter; Pittsburgh has it at their own 40-yard line. 1st & 10.

8:53PM- Big Ben realizes there are only 3 secs left on the play clock, so...Commercial- Adrian Brody serenading people while delicious Stella Artois is being poured and devoured, and he's making ladies cry, Stella is indeed "a thing of beauty"; up next- CarMax (guy being freaked out); who's on 3rd? Simon Cowell and a promo for potential 2012 Best New Series Nominee The X Factor

8:54PM- Dubya and Emmitt in the luxury box with Jerry Jones; Mewelde Moore runs for another 1st down. 1st & 10 from Packers 44;

8:55PM- Roethlisberger overthrows a bomb to Mike Wallace

8:56PM- Roethlisberger throws to Hines Ward for 15 yards

8:57PM- Clay Matthews bats the ball, could have come up with an interception; next play- Heath Miller (# 83) goes backward as he's tackled by Desmond Bishop (# 56, linebacker for Packers)

8:59PM- Huge 3rd & 13 at the GB 32, and Big Ben gets sacked by linebacker Frank Zombo (# 58, Packers)- the first such sack of the night for Roethlisberger

9:00PM- A 52-yard field goal attempt by Shaun Suisham is WIDE LEFT; like when you're aiming for Chicago, and get Tibet instead

9:00PM- Commercials, Commercials: One about luxury and Detroit and Chrysler (and not about Eminem)- "Keep Detroit Beautiful"...and Ann Arbor too; "This is the Motor City, and this is what we do" (Chrysler 200- "Imported from Detroit")

9:02PM- Packers only 17 total yards on offense in 2nd half; Pack have it at their own 42-yard line, and Rodgers gets it to Nelson for 18 yards on the first play after Suisham laid an egg

9:04PM- Pittsburgh uses another time out; Joe Buck promotes what's up after the game...Glee, complete with a commercial dream sequence; Pittsburgh only has one timeout left, and 2:34 left in the 3rd quarter

9:05PM- The Packers can't cash in on the nice field position as Randle-El fair catches a 25-yard punt at the Steelers 13-yard line with 2:23 left in the 3rd quarter

9:08PM- Pittsburgh goes three-and-out as a 3rd and 2 pass goes through Mike Wallace's hand

9:10PM- a 54-yard punt; Travon Williams (# 38) decks a Pittsburgh player, and the penalty is half-the-distance to the goal to the Packers 13-yard line (66 yard net from punt) with about 49 seconds left in the 3rd quarter

9:13PM- Packers go three-and-out, Mike McCarthy wants to challenge the ruling, but Walt Anderson is trying to talk McCarthy out from using a challenge

9:14PM- Mike Pereira (former head of officiating) pipes in on the play, which was an incomplete pass, because receiver Rex Swain (# 16, Packers) caught the ball, and William Gay knocked the ball out and Greg Jennings comes up with it

9:16PM- Pack only have had one first down since jumping out to a 21-3 lead in the 2nd quarter

9:17PM- After reviewing the play, the play stands, because Swain did not have complete possession of the ball when William Gay knocked the ball out, and the Packers will punt for the 4th straight time

9:18PM- Antonio Brown goes down to the Steelers 42, tackled by John Kuhn (# 30, Packers); Donald Briggs (# 53) is called for an ineligible man down field penalty, and the Packers are forced to re-kick

9:19PM- Take 2: Rex Swain knocks Antonio Brown out at the Packers 40 yard line with 11 seconds left in the 3rd quarter; Mendenhall picks up 8 yards on the last play of the 3rd quarter

9:21- End of the 3rd Quarer

9:21PM- Super Bowl Commercial history with these shows- Seinfeld (Giants), Full House (49ers), Dukes of Hazzard (Falcons), Family Matters (Bears), Brady Bunch (Chargers), Friends/Sopranos (Jets), Happy Days (Packers), The Office (Steelers), South Park (Broncos)- Awesom-O!!!; Up Next- Safe Auto- Driving without insurance can get your kicked in the cajoles; Next- Ford F-150 Series commercial again; then- Speedway; "What is the Most Stressful Job"- Fox28 (Columbus's Fox Affiliate) News Promo

9:24PM- Voting for the Super Bowl MVP has NOW BEGUN-; 2nd & 2 at Packers 32- Steelers give the Packers an early Valentine's Day gift as Clay Matthews (# 52, Packers) and Ryan Pickett (# 79, Packers) kncock the ball loose from Mendenhall and Desmond Bishop recovers the fumble

9:25PM- 1st & 10 @ GB 45 with 14:53 left; Rodgers force to throw an awkward pass

9:26PM- Teams with 3 takeaways are 30-4 (another lower 3rd graphic) in Super Bowl history

9:27PM- James Jones apparently manages to catch the ball on 3rd & 7 to the Steelers 40; nice diving catch, and he got his arms/hands under the ball too

9:28PM- Jordy Nelson drops another pass, defended by Ryan Clark (# 25, Pittsburgh)

9:29PM- On 3rd & 10, Nelson makes amends with a nice 37-yard pass on 3rd and 10

9:30PM- Rodgers finds Greg Jennings in the back of the end zone for an 8-yard pass, the second-consecutive touchdown tonight for the two-some; 11:57 left in 4th quarter, 27-17 Packers

9:31PM- Extra point makes it 28-17 Packers; more commercials starting...NOW- the first one is very funny looking as this is a promo for yet another Johnny Depp movie, "Rango"; 2nd-; 3rd- Bud Light (this party's for the dogs); 4th- Glee post-Super Bowl eppy Promo...Bryan Awards Episode of the Year, anyone?

9:33PM- Rashard Mendenhall only fumbled twice in 347 touches in the regular season; his latest fumble could prove costly

9:34PM- More commercials- 1st- Sonata Hybrid from Hyundai; 2nd- cute girl dreaming about dude, guy dreaming "I wanna sleep with her and then have a PepsiMax" (PepsiMAX); 3rd- promo for "Rio"; 4th- NFL disclaimer- DON'T COPY THIS SUPER BOWL

9:36PM- 1st and 10 from PIT 34 with 11:51 left in game

9:42PM- Just when you thought that the Packers put Big Ben in his corner...WRONG; Mike Wallace finds the end zone on a long pass; now they will go for 2, trailing now 28-23; 2-2 this season going for 2; make it 3-3 as Antwan Randle-El gets the pitch to make it 28-25 Packers with 7:34 left to go in the game

9:44PM- missed 1st commercial; 2nd one-; next- another Daytona 500 promo, this time with Beetles, oops, Volkswagen Beetle; next- Raising Hope promo

9:45PM- Crunch time for the Cheeseheads; Pat Lee returns kickoff 17 yards to the Packers 25-yard line

9:46PM- More commercials: 1st- Mercedes-Benz commercial; next- Chicago Code promo; next- House promo (infusing that Super Bowl Coke commercial); next- NFL Draft promo

9:49PM- Ziggy Hood (# 96, Pittsburgh) sacks Rodgers for 4 yards on 1st & 10 from the GB 25

9:51PM- On 3rd & 10, Greg Jennings shows up at the right time on a 31-yard strike to the PIT 44-yard line, and on the next play, James Starks drives it up 14 yards to the PIT 30.

9:53PM- Rodgers throws a 21-yard pass to James Jones to the PIT 8. The Steelers only have one timeout left. Tom Crabtree gets only one yard on 1st and Goal

9:54PM- 3rd and Goal at the 5 with 2:42 left (and counting); Jordy Nelson can't get the pass as Anthony Madison (# 37, Pittsburgh) covers him up like a blanket

9:56PM- THIS is Huge, a 23-yard field goal makes it 31-25 Packers with 2:07 left. Pittsburgh still has time to come back to win.

9:56PM- Commercial time; up first- Chevy commercial coming up with a story about a woman in a chase (Camaro); then- Verizon commercial

9:58PM- 10 plays, 70 yards, 5:27 used up; Pack scored 21 points off 3 PIT turnovers, yet the Steelers are still in this; Isaac Redman is downed at the PIT 29 with 2:00 left; # 57 of PIT (Kierren Fox) called with a push

9:59PM- Two Minute Warning; Up first- Glee Chevy Commercial; then- Promo for Limitless (a movie with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro); then- Sketchers shape-ups commercials; then- promo for Terra Nova- a new show on Fox this Spring; then- promo for Traffic Light (Fox's new sitcom, debuting after an all-new Raising Hope on Tuesday); then- promo for Glee's Dream Commercial

10:02PM- Two Minutes Left...Can Green Bay shut down Big Ben? Pittsburgh has 87 yards to go and only one timeout, 1st & 10 from PIT 13; Roethlisberger finds tight end Heath Miller (# 83) for 12 yards on the first play of this drive

10:03PM- Huge 3rd & 5 and Ben Roethlisberger can't get it to Mike Wallace

10:04PM- 4th & 5, 56 seconds left, this is it for the Steelers- 5 yards (PIT 38-yd line), or BUST!

10:04PM- Roethlisberger's 4th down pass intended for Mike Wallace is incomplete, and Wallace is looking for a penalty flag for contact and won't get one- GAME OVER!

10:05PM- 49 seconds away from sweet victory for the Packers, who will win their first Super Bowl in 14 years

10:06PM- That's all she wrote! FINAL SCORE- Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25

10:10PM- More commercials; first- Justified promo; second- promo for Mars Needs Moms (in 3D and animated); 3rd- Wendy's commercial (Asiago Ranch Chicken Club); 4th- House promo (for tomorrow's episode); 5th- Elite commercial (it's a Honda Odyssey van); 6th- Mega Millions commercial; and an ABC6 (local ABC affiliate) news promo about scammers

10:12PM- Welcome to the Post Game; Packers won their 13th NFL title- a record for the NFL and their 4th Super Bowl for Titletown

10:14PM- The CGI in the Broadcast Booth (with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman) says it all- "Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLV Champions"

10:15PM- PA Announcer Alan Roach introduces Roger Staubach and the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation; Staubach was named the Super Bowl VI MVP in 1972; Who will get to join this fraternity? Aaron Rodgers? Greg Jennings? Clay Matthews? Jordy Nelson? Nick Collins? We'll find out right now...

10:17PM- Terry Bradshaw with the Lombardi Trophy Presentation; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell- "The smallest city in the country has won the biggest game."/"Vince Lombardi is coming home to Green Bay."

10:19PM- Aaron Rodgers is the Super Bowl XLV MVP! 9 touchdowns in the playoffs, 3 touchdowns on the Super Bowl, and he also gets a new Camaro, where he'll go to Disneyland, ok, not really, but you get the point.

10:21PM- More commercials coming up; first- Chevy commercial (mascot hands a car which becomes a Transformer)- don't watch the third Transformers movie, coming out this Summer; then- Verizon commercial (the same one with the iPhone); then- Lowe's commercial; then- Windows 7 commercial; then- "Packers Fans, Your Team Just Won...", yup that commercial, the Packers Trophy garb commercial; then- Chicago Code promo...again

10:25PM- Back again with the Postgame Show.

10:37PM- Coming up next it's Glee. Can "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" win for Episode of the Year? Find about six months (I'm serious).

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