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Super Bowl XLVI- Real-Time Blogging

In about 10 minutes, the greatest sports spectacle in American sports will kick off from Lucas Oil Stadium as the New York Giants and New England Patriots square off in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, which the Giants won 17-14, spoiling New England's quest for a perfect 19-0 record. Will it be more of the same? Well...the game is about to start, plus those commercials for the non-football watching people. Which ones will stand out? Which ones well...didn't. I'm going to start my engine.

DJBC Happy Hour/DJBC Sports Corner's Pick: Giants 28, Patriots 23

6:15PM- Husband-and-wife country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sing America, the Beautiful.

6:17PM- Kelly Clarkson sings the National Anthem.

6:19PM- Commercial for The Dictator movie...

6:25PM- FACT: the NFC won 14 consecutive coin tosses...until now....Patriots win the toss and will defer to the 2nd Half, Giants get the ball first

6:27PM- The Commercial Fyundai begins with Hyundai performing the Rocky theme song, a capella...NICE!

6:28PM- And now, the Super Bowl is about to begin, as NBC plays the NFL ID, and now the Super Bowl intro.

6:30PM- The Giants return the kickoff 23 years to their own 24-yard line.

6:36PM- The Giants are starting to go backwards after making some positive passing plays. 3rd and 13 from Patriots 37. Manning gets sacked by Mark Anderson (# 95, New England).

6:37PM- The Giants down the punt around the New England 5-yard line.

6:37PM- Commercial Break # 1, Commercial # 1: Bud Light..."We dream of turning platinum into platinum"- Bud Light Platinum

6:38PM- Next Commercial (Audi): People at a campfire...guy driving an SUV...people disappear in poof of smoke...Audi Commercial

6:39PM- NBC Super Bowl Bumper

6:40PM- Patriots start from their own 6-yard line. FLAG! Brady way overthrew the pass, which is intentional grounding, and the Giants score first, because Brady was in the end zone, which resulted in a safety. 2-0, Giants. 8:52 left in the First Quarter.

6:41PM- Commercial- Pepsi, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"....royal court, Sir Elton John..."Where there's Pepsi, There's Music"

6:42PM- Commercial- Hyundai Turbo---Man vs. Cheetah

6:42PM- Commercial- Promo for NBC's "Smash", which premieres tomorrow night.

6:43PM- Giants get the ball at their own 23-yard line. The First Super Bowl safety since Super Bowl XXV.

6:49PM- Victor Cruz fumbles the ball, but gets lucky, because the Patriots had 12 men on the field, and now it's First and Goal for the G-Men.

6:50PM- Victor Cruz salsa steps in the end zone after catching a 2-yard touchdown catch. 8-0 Giants, pending PAT.

6:51PM- Extra point by Lawrence Tynes is good. # 9 for the G-Men makes it 9-0 Giants with 3:24 remaining in the 1st.

6:51PM- Commercial- Another Bud Light commercial for the new Platinum Lager

6:52PM- Commercial- M&M commercial

6:53PM- Commercial- Shazam commercial featuring inventors...ok Best Buy commercial

6:53PM- Commercial- Celebrity Apprentice Promo

6:54PM- New England running back Danny Woodhead returns the kickoff to the Patriots 29 yard line.

6:55PM- Commercial- Coca Cola (with the Polar Bears)

6:55PM- Commercial- Chevy Silverado (to the tune of Barry Manilow's "Looks Like We Made It" the apocalypse

6:56PM- Halftime Show Promo

6:56PM- Rock Central Promo

6:57PM- New England back in action at their own 29-yard line with 3:18 remaining in the opening quarter.

6:59PM- The Patriots are moving down the field as the first quarter winds down, as they are inside the Giants 30-yard line, and will finish the quarter at the Giants 20-yard line after a 9-yard pass from Tom Brady to Wes Welker.

7PM Sharp- End of 1st Quarter- New York Giants 9, New England Patriots 0

7PM- Commercial- Bridgestone Tires (with Troy Aikman & Deion Sanders)

7:01PM- Commercial- GoDaddy commercial

7:01PM- Commercial- 2013 Lexus GS commercial

7:02PM- Commercial- Battleship (opens May 18)

7:03PM- Start of the 2nd Quarter, Giants up 9-0, New England tapping into the New York red zone, starting the period at the NYG 20.

7:05PM- 29-yard Field Goal by Stephen Gostkowski with 13:46 left in the 2nd Quarter makes it 9-3 Giants.

7:05PM- Commercial- It looks like I'm traveling through's a Budweiser commercial...did not know that

7:06PM- Commercial- Another Doritos commercial with a dog.

7:07PM- Commercial- Camaro (happy Graduate getting a new Chevy Camaro, color yellow)

7:08PM- Gostkowski kicks this one into the end zone, where the ball is not returned.

7:08PM- Commercial- G.E. (factory workers talking about building things), and they include Budweiser in this

7:09PM- Commercial- John Carter (from Disney, coming to theatres March 19?)

7:09PM- Commercial- TaxAct (boy in a swimming pool)

7:10PM- Commercial- The Voice promo

7:10PM- Back to the game...Giants get the ball at their own 20 with 13:46 left in the half. Eli Manning, 9 straight completions to start the game (new Super Bowl record)

7:12PM- Injury Timeout...More Commercials...Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, coming out in theatres March 2nd.

7:13PM- "Get Up Off Of That Thang"!?!?!?!?!?! Dog up to no good at home alone (reminds me of all my friends who have dogs)- Volkswagen commercial

7:13PM- Star Wars Cantina- 2nd Volkswagen commercial

7:14PM- America's Got Talent promo

7:15PM- Hakeem Nicks makes a diving catch for 18 yards on 3rd and 6 to the Patriots 47-yard line...Eli's Comin', as Three Dog Night once sang.

7:!9PM- Giants punt into the end zone, 10 minutes even left in the first half

7:19PM- Commercial- David Beckham, scored by "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by the Animals promoting David Beckham bodywear from H&M.

7:20PM- Commercial- Coca Cola...again...with the Polar Bears...again...fighting over the one Coke bottle...again.

7:21PM- Back to the Game...Patriots get the ball at their own 20 yard line. Defenisve End Jason Pierre Paul (# 90, Giants) bats down another Tom Brady pass attempt

7:23PM- After the Patriots go three-and-out, Will Blackmon (# 36, Giants) fair catches a punt at the Giants 23-yard line.

7:25PM- Giants' Travis Beckum out for the game with a Torn ACL.

7:29PM- 4 Minutes Even left, Giants punt out of bounds to inside the New England 5-yard line

7:30PM- Commercial- Chevy Sonic (and its firsts...and "Tonight...")

7:31PM- Commercial- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D (George Lucas really needs to stop)

7:31PM- Halftime Show Promo

7:32PM- A false start pushes New England back from their own 4 to their own 2...

7:34PM- Hello, Rob Gronkowski! 20-yard reception to the Patriots 35-yard line.

7:35PM- Two-Minute Warning...Two minutes Even Left in the Half

7:35PM- Commercial- All of the Marvel-ous Characters Join Up for a new theatres May 4

7:35PM- Commercial- Teleflora

7:36PM- Commercial- A Pug crashes a Greyhound race in this Sketchers commercial

7:36PM- Commercial- NFL Play 60

7:39PM- Aaron Hernandez makes a catch, and loses the ball after his elbow hits the ground, so no Booth a Holding penalty on Bryan Waters pushes the Patriots back 10 yards.

7:41PM- First timeout of the half by either team with 29 seconds left in the half taken by New England.

7:42PM- Commercial- A baby flying in mid-air to grab some Doritos'

7:42PM- Commercial- E*Trade Commercial- Dad and his baby boy

7:43PM- Commercial- Another Movie Promo...G.I. Joe: Retaliator.

7:45PM- Jason Pierre-Paul tackles down Danny Woodhead in the backfield on 2nd and 2 from the Giants 3-yard line. (New England takes another timeout)

7:47PM- Tom Brady connects to Danny Woodhead for a five-yard touchdown pass with eight seconds left in the half to tie the game at 9 even.

7:48PM- The extra point by Stephen Gostkowski gives New England a 10-9 lead with eight seconds left in the first half.

7:49PM- Patriots' 96-yard touchdown drive ties for the longest such drive in Super Bowl History*.
*- The Patriots went as far back as -2 yards to their own two.

7:49PM- The Giants return the kickoff to the 26-yard line with four seconds left.

7:50PM- End of First Half as Eli Manning takes a knee.
New England Patriots 10, New York Giants 9

Bridgestone Tires Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show coming up...
7:51PM- Commercial- NFL $ 1M giveaway to fans like you and me

7:51PM- Commercial (Columbus Market only)- Local NBC affiliate in Columbus promo for their morning news programming

7:51PM- Commercial (Columbus Market only)- Shawnee State University, then Columbus Dispatch website

7:53PM- Commercial- Wendy's Commercial (Bacon Portabella & Spicy Santa Fe)

7:53PM- Commercial (Columbus Market only)- NBC4 Teaser for News

7:53PM- NFL Halftime Report

7:58PM- Commercial- Another Camry about stories

7:59PM- Commercial- Will Arnett and Hulu Plus (Hulu Plus)

7:59PM- Commercial- Bud Light Commercial- "Welcome to Halftime"

8PM Sharp- Commercial- Madonna and Jay Leno in an elevator...Promo for The Tonight Show

8PM Sharp- The Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show Begins!

8:01PM- The 12-minute show kicks off with the 1990 hit "Vogue", as Madonna is carried out by Trojan soldiers

8:03PM- Ryan Seacrest tweeted that the Stage is set up in only 5 minutes by over 500 people for a 12-minute set, and then torn down in 7 minutes. Wow.

8:11PM- The show closes with "Like a Prayer" with CeeLo Green joining Madonna on the stage. Nicki Minaj performed with Madonna in an earlier number in the Halftime Show.

8:13PM- And that's all folks for the Super Bowl XLVI Bridgestone Tires Halftime Show.

8:13PM- More commercials while they strike the stage...First up, The Voice judges kicking each others asses in the Voice promo (Betty White makes a cameo in it)

8:14PM- Back to the NFL...Bob Costas talking about how close the game could be

8:16PM- Dan Patrick, Rodney Harrison, and Tony Dungy back again discussing some moments froim the first half

8:17PM- More commercials...Next up...Clint Eastwood in a Chrysler commercial for, you guessed it...Detroit...and one about the economy. How do we come from behind? This country can't be knocked down with one punch. It's Halftime America, and out second half is about to begin.

8:19PM- Again...NFL $ 1 Million sweepstakes...abridged.

8:19PM- Highlights from the First Half to get us revved up for the Second Half

8:21PM- The Second Half kicks off as Julian Edelman (# 11, New England) returns the kickoff 21 yards to the Patriots 21-yard line.

8:22PM- Chad Ochocinco (obviously # 85, New England) makes the first catch of the second half.

8:24PM- The Giants allow the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis (running back, # 42 New England) to make a big run to the Giants 33. Brady made 14 straight Super Bowl completions, a new Super Bowl record.

8:25PM- Weird Random Fact that Al Michaels Brought Up: Tom Brady was in Candlestick Park when Dwight Clark made "The Catch" 30 years ago last month.

8:27PM- Aaron Hernandez breaks free to the end zone for a touchdown pass from Tom Brady to make it 16-9 New England with 11:20 left in the 3rd quarter.

8:28PM- 96 and 79 yard TD drives, 17 unanswered points; 17-9 Patriots with 11:20 to go in the 3rd

8:28PM- Commercial- "Smash" promo...future Bryan Award Nominee (New Series: Smash vs. Homeland...Game On...)

8:29PM- Commercial (My Cable Provider)

8:30PM- Commercial (Columbus Market)- Menards

8:30PM- Commercial- Elderly Woman talking about riding a motorcycle (SafeCo)

8:30PM (Columbus Market)- NBC4 News Teaser

8:31PM- The Giants return the kickoff 31 yards to the Giants 35-yard line.

8:37PM- The Giants are only about to march to about the New England 21-yard line.

8:38PM- A 38-yard field goal attempt by Lawrence Tynes doinks into the hashes, making it 17-12 with 6:43 left in the 3rd Quarter

8:38PM- Commercial- (I am totally confused by this...) Fiat Abarth

8:39PM- Commercial- "You're Cheatin' Heart"- Pepsi vs. Coke wars; the Coke driver wins Pepsi Max for life, lol...

8:40PM- Julian Edelman takes this kickoff to the 17-yard line.

8:40PM- More Commercials- Re-Inventing Things...nice...Toyota (they re-invent things)

8:41PM- Commercial- Coke, again...Polar Bears...again, "Hey, I got you one too..."

8:42PM- Oikos Yogurt, and yes, Uncle Jesse got head-butted for it

8:42PM- The Donald, Deion Sanders, Apolo Ohno in a Century 21 commercial

8:43PM- The Patriots begin just inside their own 20-yard line.

8:44PM- Injury Timeout, so more Commercials- First up, Jerry Seinfeld trying to get # 1 on the Acura list...and failing as Jay Leno swoops the first Acura

8:44PM- Commercial- GE as GE workers talk more about building things

8:46PM- Brady's completion streak ends at 16, extending his Super Bowl record.

8:47PM- Michigan's MVP in the RichRod era, Zoltan Mesko punts it to Will Blackmon who sneaks it into Patriots territory with 5:36 to go in the 3rd.

8:48PM- Commercial- Budweiser...taking us through time from the 1930s to the 2010s...sequel to the earlier Bud commercial

8:48PM- Commercial- Bridgestone, this time with NBA players Tim Duncan and Steve Nash

8:49PM- NFL's Fantasy game...again

8:49PM- Another The Voice promo

8:50PM- Best starting field position for the G-Men, the Patriots 48-yard line.

8:51PM- Hakeem Nicks (# 88, NY Giants) makes a great catch, but loses the ball, stripped by Jerod Mayo (linebacker # 51, New England) and recovered by Henry Hynoski (fullback # 45, NY Giants)

8:52PM- Giants taking advantage of the short field as tight end Bear Pascoe (# 86, NY Giants) grabs a catch at the Patriots 12-yard line.

8:55PM- A sack on 3rd down and 8 forces yet another field goal attempt for Lawrence Tynes, who nails it from 33 yards to make it 17-15 with 35 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

8:57PM- The Patriots get the ball back at their own 20-yard line after the kickoff goes into the end zone for a touchback.

8:58PM- The end of the 3rd Quarter
New England Patriots 17, New York Giants 15

8:59PM- Commercial- (The History of Football)- Evolution Commercial

9PM sharp- Commercial- Chase (and a lot of smashed glass)

9PM sharp- Commercial- Jerry Seinfeld trying to get the Acura...abridged

9:01PM- Commercial- Arby's commercial (featuring a sailor on a mission)

9:02PM- NY Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn (# 93, NY Giants), who was cut in early September by the Giants, and then picked up by them in midseason, makes a diving interception at the Giants 8-yard line beating out All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski, the first turnover of the game.

9:04PM- NY Giants recover another one of their own fumbles...lucky lucky...

9:05PM- Timeout (Giants), 13:23 left in 4th/Commercial Break; first Commercial- Yup, the Ferris Bueller commercial that was so talked about with Matthew Broderick. (Honda CR-V)

9:06PM- Commercial- Another movie promo, this one, Act of Valor, coming out Oscar Weekend

9:06PM- Commercial- with a lot of animated cartoon characters (MetLife)

9:07PM- Commercial- Another "Smash" Promo (Can I say Emmy-nominee Katharine McPhee?)

9:08 & 9:09PM- 3rd & 7...big play, and then Rob Ninkovich (linebacker, # 50 New England) jumps offsides, do-over, 3rd & 7 becomes 3rd & 2

9:09PM- Hakeem Nicks once again delivers on 3rd down for a first down for a 12-yard gain.

9:11PM- Injury Timeout
9:11PM- Commercial- Hyundai (croaking boss/driving instructor?)

9:11PM- Commercial- Dog fetching Bud Light (How low can you go, Madison Ave?)

9:13PM- After the timeout, Victor Cruz delivers on 3rd & 1 for a 6-yard catch to prolong the drive for the G-Men.

9:16PM- The Giants call another timeout with 9:35 left in the 4th...poor time management (play clock was at :01)

9:18PM- Why is there not a flag on Sammy Morris (# 29, New England)? Clearly pass interference.

9:19PM- Wes Welker fair catches a punt at the Patriots 8-yard line.

9:19PM- Commercial (@ the beginning to the tune of Mr. Sandman)- Kia Optima "A Dream Car for Real Life"

9:20PM- Commercial (to the tune of The Odd Couple)- A guy working/living with chimps (Career Builder)

9:20PM- NBC Thursday Night Comedy Promo

9:23PM- Danny Woodhead keeps another Patriot drive alive with a 19-yard catch and run as we near the midway point of the 4th quarter

9:24PM- Injury Timeout
9:24PM- Commercial- Samsung Galaxy (people are in line waiting for something, and it becomes an all-out flash mob mess)

9:25PM- Another The Voice promo

9:30PM- Wes Welker drops what could be a possible TD reception that would possibly put this one away; Then Brady throws another incompletion, this time to Super Bowl XXXIX MVP Deion Branch (# 84, New England)

9:31PM- Giants get the ball with 3:46 left at their own 12-yard line after a 40-yard punt. 88 yards, 1 timeout, two-minute warning, Eli Manning, look out

9:32PM- 38-yard diving catch by Mario Manningham...

9:33PM- New England challenges the ruling of the field

9:34PM- It looks like that the play could stand as Manningham has complete control of the ball going out of bounds and down on the ground...if it stands, it will be the longest play of the game.

9:35PM- The play stands, the Patriots lose their first timeout. (David Tyree, who made the diving catch on the game-winning drive in Super Bowl XLII on the sidelines)

9:36PM- Manningham, with another catch, this time 16 yards, inside the Patriots 35-yard line.

9:37PM- Hakeem Nicks takes the G-Men inside the 20 at the two-minute warning.

9:38PM- Commercial- Cadillac ATS (shot on a German race track in the "Green Valley")

9:38PM- Commercial- Swamp People promo (History Channel show)

9:39PM- Another GoDaddy commercial

9:39PM- Promo for a new NBC Drama, "Awake"

9:40PM- 2 Minutes Even, and then Ahmad Bradshaw (# 44, NY Giants) runs 7-yards to the Patriots 11-yard line.

9:41PM- Hakeem Nicks fights off two Patriots for a 4-yard catch to get a First Down and Goal to the Patriots 7-yard line.

9:42PM- Patriots call a time out. Only one left for each team with 64 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

9:43PM- Ahmad Bradshaw runs to the 1-yard line and falls backward in the end zone for a touchdown with 57 seconds left. Giants up 21-17

9:44PM- Giants try for a two-point conversion, which fails. Giants 21, Patriots 17.

9:46PM- 57 seconds, 80 yards, one timeout. Can the Patriots come back and win it?

9:47PM- Deion Branch drops another one, which would have been for a good 20/30 yards. Ouch!

9:47PM- On 2nd down, Aaron Hernandez drops a pass.

9:48PM- Patriots used their final timeout after Subway spokesman Justin Tuck (defensive end, # 91, NY Giants) sacks Brady for a 6-yard loss with 36 seconds left.

9:49PM- At all comes down to this, the Patriots need 16 yards to keep this game alive, otherwise game over...

9:49PM- Brady finds Branch for a 19-yard catch to the Patriot 33-yard line.

9:50PM- Hernandez gets another first down (11-yard gain), but in the middle of the field.

9:51PM- Giants called for 12 Men on the Field (ball moved to Patriots 49-yard line) with nine seconds left.

9:52PM- It all comes down to this, 51 yards and only 5 seconds left...Hail Mary time for the Patriots

9:52PM- The New York Giants tip the Hail Mary and are the Super Bowl XLVI Champs!!!!!!

9:54PM- The NFC wins three Super Bowls in a row for the first time since winning 13 in a row (Super Bowls XIX to XXXI)

9:55PM- Commercial Break Time as the GGGGGGG-Mennnnnnnn beat the Patriots once again.

9:55PM- Commercial- NBC Sports Network Promo

9:56PM- Commercial (Columbus Market)- Rosati Windows & Value City

9:57PM- Commercial (Columbus Market)- Roush Honda & NBC4 News Teaser

9:58PM- Super Bowl Postgame Show

10:04PM- NFL Hall of Famer Raymond Berry presents the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the New York Giants

10:05PM- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell formally presents the Lombardi Trophy to the Giants

10:08PM- Eli Manning named the Super Bowl XLVI MVP

10:13PM- Commercial- Chevy (with Animated bugs- who says that the Ad fun has to end when the clock goes to 0:00?)

10:19PM- That's the end of the long Super Bowl XLVI Coverage on NBC, as they have switched off to the season premiere of The Voice.

This has been a great ride this football season, and I can't believe it is over. :( Seven months until the next NFL game that means something.

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